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UDC Canada Digital Marketing Agency


UDC is your trusted E-commerce growth partner IN ANY ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT. Yes, We have cracked the code for IOS14!  Scaling requires obsession and data analytics. At UDC, we build proven and effective systems for breaking revenue and new customer acquisition targets month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year.

CLIENTS over the past 4 years trusted and grew their companies with us.


Invested across media platforms for the last 4 years.


Typical blended ROAS for $100K+ on ad spend/month.


Our team members have at least 8 years of proven marketing and advertising experience.

8 years


We are a team of highly skilled engineers working in data-driven digital marketing. We analytically dissect your whole e-commerce system and work on your brand positioning and e-commerce infrastructure; helping you scale rapidly, outgrow the competition, and take control of your company's destiny.

Red Star


We specialize in driving measurable results through a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. Through data analysis, A/B testing, and user experience optimization, we fine-tune your website to enhance user engagement and encourage desired actions. Whether it's making a purchase, filling out a form, or signing up for a newsletter, we optimize every step of the customer journey.


Paid Media / Omni-Channel (Acquisition) Email Marketing / SMS (Retention) CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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We specialize in crafting compelling narratives and boosting your brand's presence through a range of creative services.


Branding / Storytelling / Copywriting

Content Creation (Video/Photo)

Creative Content Iterations

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Our mission is to set new standards for our clients through our strategies, innovations, and values helping them scale and generate more revenue.

Omni-Channel Growth Strategy

Brand Strategy & Identity / Brand Positioning

Media Strategy

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The client knows their LTV:

For this particular client, we targeted a customer persona who loved the energy that coffee offered but hated coffee and its unintended effects. We created urgency by constantly renewing offers for first-time customers and kept the website simple with almost only one product offering - the subscription to the matcha tool kit. 

This client understands its Customer's LTV (lifetime value). Understanding this allows us to acquire customers at a first-time loss because we make up for the loss with recurring revenues from the second and third orders. This strategy is not for the faint of heart because it requires a strong understanding of the company's financials and skilled marketers to achieve the target cost per acquisition. 

  • We understand the numbers associated with growth

  • We understand the scalability and potential of such business models

  • We know how to reach the target CPA that can help us grow exponentially and achieve profitability as soon as possible.

Brand with many SKUs:

It is common to have a brand with many SKUs and products. This is not an issue but a blessing because the company can benefit from having a product that might attract one customer compared to another. The company we will be looking at is a vitamin drops company for kids. 

One thing this company did right is, although they had multiple products to offer, they had one main avatar they were targeting: Parents.


We focused on a single product with the most stickiness and the ability to get customers to return for more purchases. The marketing director customized the landing page using an independent company, allowing for add-ons to the Shopify checkout and setting up a comprehensive tracking and analytics dashboard on Mixpanel.

The combination of:

  • A listicle

  • A specialized product page

  • Highly niched and specialized video creatives and copy

  • Our audience-targeting system

Led us to massive success for the client.

iOS-14 broke our data

IOS14 was a blessing and a curse!

It destroyed all things tracking and attribution on most platforms and forced them to revise their algorithms, causing most companies' advertising to experience a performance dip. Even to this day, we still face over or under-attribution on different platforms due to IOS14. 

On the other hand, it showed the talented performance marketers from the lower-level marketers and forced us to innovate and expand our ideas and tracking systems.

It forced us to change from ad buyers to  performance marketer who can take charge and lead their:

1) Media Buying
2) Creative Strategy and optimization
3) Audience and Avatar development ( Yes, still essential, not just Broad, Broad, Broad)
4) Landing page optimization
5) Strategy creation for converting leads
6) Reporting and understanding attribution
7) Budgeting

Understanding that Facebook is one piece in the funnel and treating the business as a whole system, not just platform-specific.


*Our execution team was operating under another agency name. These brands and clients have trusted us with their ad spend and depended on us to scale their revenue, margins, and profitability.


Yellow Star


​CEO & Founder of Libas

Paolo Khayat

"It’s always a pleasure to be working with Peter and his team. UDC allowed us to fully unlock our performance marketing potential and they are always updated with the latest strategies"

Founder of Third Culture Agency

Malika Melody Bkaili

"Working with Peter was truly an eye-opening experience: discovering the complexity of paid advertising and managing them are truly hard tasks, and yet Peter made it look easy thanks to his approach to marketing and unbeatable experience in the field. He went above and beyond to deliver amazing results. On a human and professional level, the UDC team was always present, patient, and delivering their expertise to the proven growth of the business. I am thankful I have met the great people behind this amazing, professional and inspiring agency. Thank you!"

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Dashboard system to closely monitor performance on a day-by-day basis. For example, the daily tracker, the PNL sheet, and the attribution document.



We offer a detailed account-wide audit with recommendations and solutions based on your data to help your business grow. Contact us for a FREE audit. Contact us! We don't bite :)



For companies that do not need implementation done for them, we offer two distinct programs: a consulting program aiding your existing team to scale past existing barriers and a training program to get your team from beginner to expert level.  Contact us for more information about these programs.



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